Delivering critical information to students, one

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to students,

one book at a time.


The What and The Why

Amajuba was founded in 2020 with the aim of improving the distribution of information about bursaries, tertiary institutions, online learning opportunities, career development and psychosocial support to students in low-income communities (quintile 1 to quintile 3 schools).

Our aim is to afford students in low-income areas access to the same opportunities as those in middle- and high-income areas. This is done through both online and offline methods, while keeping the cost at a minimum.

The Problem

We have realised that the distribution of information is primarily driven using digital strategies. However, this is limited by the number of students that have access to the internet. As a result, you find that some students miss out on opportunities which the qualify for. In some cases, the students might know about these opportunities, but have limited resources and support to complete the application process successfully.

1. Cost and inefficiencies: Physical distribution of information (school visits, flyers, etc.) is time consuming and can get quite costly.

2. Missed opportunities: Qualifying students in low-income communities miss out on critical information and opportunities.

3. Societal impact: Potential of increasing NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) problem.

The Solution

Custom book covers

We design, print and distribute custom pre-cut book covers which include information on bursaries, tertiary institutions, online learning opportunities, career development or psychosocial support, while still looking great. These book covers are a way of putting crucial information in front of the student at minimal cost.

Support with applications

Most applications are now done online and require supporting documents. Thus, we host live stream sessions with the students where we run through the application process step-by-step and help them gather the required documents with the help of a teacher at their school. Furthermore, we provide support via WhatsApp groups in case students need additional support with the application.

What We Aim To Achieve



Meeting School-

Based Needs

Creating Employment


Book covers distributed by 2030

We have partnered up with, a professional design agency, to ensure that all book covers are designed according to your brand’s specific corporate identity, colours and style.

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“We want to see all students in South Africa making informed decisions about their post-matric qualifications and seeing more students from disadvantaged communities taking up opportunities available to them.”

Karabo Thinane

Co-founder – Amajuba

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a partnership with Amajuba look like?

As Amajuba, we will provide you with a platform to share information about your organisation that can benefit the students. You can specify the demographic of the student you want to share the information with (e.g. quintile 1 students with an average greater than 65%), then we will design, print and distribute the covers at no cost to the students. In addition to the covers, we provide ongoing support to the students via WhatsApp support groups to ensure that they complete the application forms successfully.

Who is responsible for designing these covers?

Amajuba is responsible for the design and distribution of the covers. Each student receives a pack with 10 book covers. Depending on the organisation and the content that you want to share, we could create a unique design for each cover. The design of the covers is a collaborative effort between Amajuba and your organisation. You would tell us what you would like on the cover, then we would design, print, and distribute the covers to the target schools.

How does Amajuba choose the schools that we work with?

We’re primarily looking for well performing students from quintile 1 to quintile 3 schools (schools that have limited resources), specifically targeting grade 11s and 12s.

Does the student pay for these covers?

No, the book covers are free for the students. The whole idea behind our organisation is to give students a fair chance to access critical information that could help them in terms of their studies and career development.

Are the covers designed and distributed for free?

No. Since we are trying to distribute this information to students for free, the cost usually lies with the organisation that we are working with. The budget is usually the limiting factor to how many students we can reach.

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